Thai food & Paul


Paul (Nathaphak Maphu) was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He was born in family who do business in small food shop (ร้านอาหารตามสั่ง) know as make by ordered food. He help his family business since young every afternoon after school he will help his mom cooking for customer. after he graduated from business school in Thailand, He moved to Atlanta to help his uncle in Thai restaurant. Then he decide to learn more Technic about cooking by studied in Chattahoochee Technical College, Culinary Major. aAfter graduate he had a good opportunity to work with great Chef (Michael Deihl)  and great team,  at East Lake Golf Club (Atlanta PGA Tour, FedEx Cup). During tournament he was in charge in Asian food and sushi for player. He worked with Chef Tano Phommasith who owner The Little Hawaiian. Almost 10 years of experience both Asian and American food. He decide to do his expert that is Thai food. In his restaurant he would like to bring the best authentic Thai taste to the table.